Birth Control

Choosing the right method of birth control is an important part of family planning but with so many options available, how do you know what’s right for you? The providers at Capital Women's Care Howard County in Fulton, Maryland offer personalized advice and support to help you make an informed choice about the best birth control option for you.

What are the available birth control options?


Barrier birth control methods prevent the sperm and egg from ever meeting. These options include:

  • Condoms

  • Female condoms

  • Cervical cap

  • Diaphragm

  • Sponge

  • Spermicides


Hormonal birth control methods release estrogen and/or progestin into your body to prevent ovulation. These options include:

  • Implants

  • Patch

  • Birth control pills

  • Birth control injections

  • Vaginal rings

  • Some intrauterine devices (IUDs)

  • Emergency contraception


IUDs are small T-shaped devices that are implanted into your uterus. They’re either made of copper, which interferes with sperm mobility preventing fertilization and can prevent implantation of a fertilized egg, or they slowly release hormones to stop your ovulation.

Natural family planning

Natural family planning doesn’t use any hormones or devices to alter your body but teaches you to pay attention to your body’s cycles and avoid intercourse during your fertile days. Some of these methods include:

  • Fertility awareness

  • Rhythm method

  • Basal body temperature monitoring

  • Cervical mucus methods

What are important factors to consider when choosing a form of birth control?

There are a variety of factors you need to think about when choosing birth control method, including:

  • How effective is it?

  • Are you planning to have children in the near or distant future?

  • Do you also need protection against sexually transmitted diseases?

  • Are there side effects or additional benefits, such as weight gain or controlling acne?

  • Is it convenient? For example, can you easily take a pill at the same time every day?

  • Is it compatible with your cultural or religious beliefs?

Are permanent birth control options available?

The doctors at Capital Women’s Care also offer permanent birth control options including female sterilization techniques like tubal ligation and Essure®, as well as vasectomies for men. These options are permanent and should only be considered if you are certain that you’ve completed your family.

If you have questions about your birth control options, call or request a consultation online today.